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Built to Perform & Protect - Aegle Gear is now Essential Threads

CHATTANOOGA, TN: In March 2020, the healthcare environment was changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While stay-at-home orders were being recommended to all nonessential workers, the healthcare industry, along with other essential workers, continued to meet a public that was in need. 

Dr. Lisa Smith & Dr. David Bruce, two doctors in Chattanooga, Tennessee, understood that their jobs could become dangerous quickly and chose to arm themselves and their staff with what they considered the best product on the market: Aegle Gear scrubs. ​

They had worn Aegle Gear scrubs to participate in some of their most vigorous medical activities, including working as medical staff for triathlon events and leading trauma resuscitations. Ordering a few sets for themselves, their family members, and their core employees, they planned to work as their Chattanooga community needed them.

Later that year, they received a call from Aegle Gear founder wanting to know why David and Lisa had suddenly ordered so many garments.  The answer was easy:  the anti-microbial quality and fluid repellent barrier. 

Fast-forward to 2022:  Like many other businesses in a struggling economy, and due to supply chain issues in the pandemic, Dr’s. Bruce and Smith, along with Dr. Keith Helton, who was influential early in the development of the line, are now the owners of this company with the intention of providing to the people who will benefit those qualities the most:  the essential workers. 

Partnering with Rose Mikel and Lisa D'Antonio who have a combined 70+ years in sporting goods and recreational clothing, Aegle Gear has become Essential Threads. With more affordable prices, more fabric and color choices, and the hope of making these garments available to workers in every essential industry.​

From animal hospitals and medical clinics to daycare workers and store clerks, the Essential Threads lines have fabrics that are durable, fluid-repellant, and antimicrobial and the garments have ergonomic cuts and functional pockets. They now come in trendy, contemporary colors and styles at a variety of price points and remain the best choice for healthcare as well as essential worker wear.  

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