Four-way stretch

so you can move


for an extra layer of Protection

Rip stop

lightweight yet durable

We are a direct-to-consumer healthcare apparel brand that serves healthcare professionals of all types. We are committed to providing professional apparel with protection, durability, function, and style, all in a product that lasts.

Today's Essential Threads are created using a silver ion-based anti-microbial yarn. Silver is not just a precious metal, it is an antimicrobial wonder! Silver ions perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside.

This antimicrobial action is semi-permanent as the silver-ion is infused during the yarn manufacturing process, not applied as a coating. 

The yarns in our textiles are made in a 4-leaf cross-section shape to promote a moisture management (wicking) function by capillary action. The yarns are then treated with several proprietary antimicrobial and water-resistant agents for maximum fluid-resistant performance.

Our fabric is woven using a reinforcing technique that makes them more resistant to tearing and ripping. Referred to as "ripstop", our fabric also has four-way stretch.

the experts choose essential threads

Our new owners, Drs. Helton, Bruce, and Smith offer their combined over 100 years of experience in health care to the continued development of these scrubs. They still wear Essential Threads nearly every day, whether they are rushing to the emergency room to manage a trauma or examining patients in the office.

With new colors and styles, Essential Threads garments now offer performance, protection, and a professional, clean look and feel unlike any other scrub on the market.

Why fluid-resistance matters

Antimicrobial qualities count