Issue 3, January 27, 2-23

Issue 3, January 27, 2-23

Capsule Wardrobe:  Essential Work Wear

Dressing in scrubs daily can lead to boredom with your outfits. There's no need to satisfy your fashion desire with an extensive, expensive closet full of scrubs. Taking a page from the minimalist philosophy, we suggest investing in a few quality pieces that you can style a little differently each day. A few key pieces from our line means 2 work weeks of outfits!  Double your items and you don't just double the outfits: mix and match more and you'll quadruple them!

Begin by choosing the scrubs that fit you best, and pick the ones with the qualities you desire. For me, I chose Essential Threads tops with Pomfrey pants and joggers. Four-way stretch, antimicrobial, fluid resistant fabrics, in two styles to pair with a standard top and vest.

Day 1:  top and bottom, color A
Day 2:  top and bottom, color B
Day 3:  Vest, t-shirt/under scrub shirt, bottom color A
Day 4:  Top A, bottom B
Day 5:  Vest, t-shirt/underscrub shirt, bottom color B
Day 6:  Top B, bottom A
Day 7:  Vest, top A, bottom B
Day 8:  Vest, top B, bottom A
Day 9:  Top and bottom, color A, plus a vest
Day 10:  Top and bottom, color B, plus a vest

And while this seems like a lot of laundry, a quick wash cycle and tumble dry on low before you go to sleep, keeps you clean and neat without ironing if you pop the clothes out and lay them flat overnight. Add a single pair of scrubs to the previous mix and you can see how you build with key pieces solving your daily look, and augmenting your wardrobe almost exponentially!

With Essential Threads, you'll never have faded or pilling scrubs and they won't lose their antimicrobial quality. They will also have at least 200 washes before they begin to lose their waterproofing. I've had my scrubs since 2018, and they truly keep me looking neat and professional. They are just one step away from a business suit when I wear them with clogs and a white coat and they seem "corporate casual" with trainers alone.

Whether you've worn scrubs for years and it's time to clear the faded, stretched out, and worn out (read: well loved) items from your closet, or you're just starting at a job where you wear scrubs on most days, building a capsule wardrobe keeps your closet neat and clean. You'll look sharp:  professional, essential, and ready to work!

Best, Lisa

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