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Essential Threads is healthcare apparel--and is for any professional who wears scrubs! Our athletic apparel-inspired lines for men and women, coupled with antimicrobial qualities, offer an unmatched apparel experience in today’s accountable healthcare industry.

  • The original product line was created by a physical therapist who realized that his work required a variety of techniques to help his patients, including hands-on therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, and much more that required a physicality not facilitated by standard cotton scrubs. Working with colleagues from the sports apparel industry, he developed the concepts of the fabrics and styles that became popular as Aegle Gear.

  • Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic, and you could find us choosing these scrubs for our clothing every day--busy with patient care in addition to consulting with schools and businesses and appearances on local media provided a demand on our schedules like no other time. Not only did we choose these scrubs because of their antimicrobial qualities, we chose them for their professional appearance and wash-and-wear care. These scrubs took us from office to hospital, business meetings to schools, and back home again (probably to Zoom with the local television station) without wrinkles or saggy knees.

  • Since we have acquired the clothing line we love to wear, we have forged ahead with some changes. First, new trendy colors have been added, along with new pants styles to stay up-to-date. Next, we updated the fabrics by using a silver-ion based anti-microbial (A-M) yarn, called Aerosilver, a far more durable product than using a chemical applied to the fabric AND by using yarns made with a 4-leaf cross-section shape to promote a moisture management (wicking) function by capillary action, both upgrades of the already awesome Aegle Gear proprietary fabric. Our current supply chain is intact, our prices reflect the improved product quality and availability, and our warehouse is well-stocked. Future styles are in the design phase as well.
  • Finally, we have added real value to our website. Our blog, Threads, profiles the professionals who wear our apparel because, like us, they understand the unique needs of the busy professional who hops into scrubs every day to get their job done. It's something you'll want to read, whether you're just starting your career, re-entering the workforce, or updating your work wardrobe as a highly-trained, experienced professional.

Whether you see something you like, have a question about a product, or want to tell us about your professional journey and be featured in Threads, we want to hear from you. Email me at


  • Black scrub top with water repellant properties

    Work well to repel

    I am weary of buying expensive scrubs before trying them on, but these are worth it! The length of the legs is perfect, I like the more tailored skinny leg on the pants, and the waist was higher than other brands. They work well to repel water and I like knowing they're anti-microbial, especially with this seasons flu. I will buy again!

    Trisha M.

  • Well worth the investment!

    This is my third set! I love these scrubs! They are well worth the investment. I wear them more than any other single item of clothing in my closet. I look my best as I take care of my patients.

    Laura A.

  • Worth every penny

    These scrubs rule! Seemingly pricey at first glance, I am now the proud owner of four sets. They are worth every penny! The scrubs have exceeded my expectations in comfort and durability, and they repel fluids like a fisherman's raincoat. I can't love the scrubs enough!

    David H.