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They are very comfortable and breathable.  The best part is they seem to be almost waterproof.  When an animal has an "accident" while you're holding them, it's 10x easier to clean yourself up!

Montana B., Vet Clinic

Absolutely love my Essential Threads scrubs. You get the athletic comfortable look, with the antimicrobial bonus. I can breathe and move freely in these scrubs without worrying what body fluid I encounter. True to size. High quality product. 10/10 would recommend.

Mary, Physician Assistant

I love my Essential Threads scrubs! I find myself wearing them on my days off because they are so comfortable and easy to move around in! The color options and styles fit right in with the modern day look. I cannot recommend these scrubs enough and will continue to buy/wear them for the remainder of my career!

Megan, PA Student

I’ve been in health care for 18 years and these are by far the best scrubs I’ve owned. I’m a tall guy and have wide shoulders, and the fit on this top is perfect. The three way stretch comes in handy when positioning patients and equipment. The fabric is comfortable and breathable despite the weight. I’m definitely going to get more.

Douglas V., R TR

I'm weary of buying expensive scrubs before trying them on and such, but it was worth it! The length of the legs was perfect, I like the more tailored “skinny” leg on the pants, and the waist was higher than other brands. Also, works well to repel water and I liked knowing they were antimicrobial, especially with the seasons flu. I will buy again!

Trisha M.

This is my third set! I love these scrubs! They are well worth the investment. I wear them more than any other single item of clothing in my closet and I want to look my best as I take care of my patients!

Laura A.

These scrubs rule! Seemingly pricey at first glance, I am now the proud owner of 4 sets of Aegle Gear scrubs. They are worth every penny! Even though I wish there were more pockets (I can never have too many pockets) I’m giving Aegle Gear scrubs 5 stars. Working in the ER, these scrubs have exceeded my expectations in comfort and durability. AND they repel fluids like a fisherman’s raincoat. I can’t love these scrubs enough

David H.

As a male trying to shop for scrubs, it is a task within itself! After wearing cookie cutter scrubs for the last 13 years, I’m beyond thankful to finally find a pair of scrubs that were actually designed with having male nurses in mind! It’s nice to see that a company has not taken the traditional way of making scrubs as purely an afterthought for men! The fit is amazing and doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort. I’m extremely impressed!

Mark V.

I have been a fan of Grey's Anatomy scrubs and then I got these for Christmas and they are my new favorite. They’re bey comfortable, breathable, and the pockets are awesome! My new go to scrub pant! I would and already have recommended!

Sherri S.

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