Essential Threads | Care Instructions

Our customers report that one of the best qualities of Essential Threads is their wash-and-wear capability.  Busy professionals can count on our clothing to look fantastic right out of the dryer without any additional care if you follow these instructions:

  • Wash in cold water with standard detergent. Some washers have a quick wash cycle and that works well.
  • Some customers report detergent residue after a wash and dry.  The scrubs are fluid-resistant, so if you are using a generous amount of detergent it may puddle and allow residue to settle.  A second rinse (if your washer has that setting) can help eliminate that problem as well. We don't recommend using a fabric softener.
  • Dry on delicate cycle and remove garments immediately to reduce wrinkling. Dryer sheets may be used to prevent static.

Additionally, given their antimicrobial qualities, our scrubs may not need washed after a short wear--that choice is up to you!

  • Black scrub top with water repellant properties

    Work well to repel

    I am weary of buying expensive scrubs before trying them on, but these are worth it! The length of the legs is perfect, I like the more tailored skinny leg on the pants, and the waist was higher than other brands. They work well to repel water and I like knowing they're anti-microbial, especially with this seasons flu. I will buy again!

    Trisha M.

  • Well worth the investment!

    This is my third set! I love these scrubs! They are well worth the investment. I wear them more than any other single item of clothing in my closet. I look my best as I take care of my patients.

    Laura A.

  • Worth every penny

    These scrubs rule! Seemingly pricey at first glance, I am now the proud owner of four sets. They are worth every penny! The scrubs have exceeded my expectations in comfort and durability, and they repel fluids like a fisherman's raincoat. I can't love the scrubs enough!

    David H.